We are now accepting staging and production users

Generative Pen or GenPen.AI uses state of the art LLM/LMM technology, and highly scalable code generation techniques to create a highly flexible code solution based on a model down paradigm. Use the tool to test out multiple different configurations quickly, rather than waiting months to find flaws in your design. Join our discord channel to join the community, to get discount codes and more.

Welcome to GenPen.AI

AI-First Brain Storming Tool

GenPen IDE if a perfect tool for testing out the shape of multiple different architectures before you make a final decision.
This makes it the perfect tool for a System Analyst or a Solutions Architect.
Use AI to automate repetitive tasks; leverage powerful multi-modal LLM/LMM transformers and OpenAPI generators to auto complete huge swaths of boiler plate code.

Build 10 to 100 times faster when compared to traditional methods

Let code generation and artificial intelligence do the heavy lifting. Allow the developer to focus on the mission critical code.

Automatic GIT/Code/Documentation

Keep GIT / Code and Documentation up to date on your solution without the need to write it by hand. GenPen.AI keeps your branches upto date as you brainstorm through different configurations.

AI/LLM Response Aggregation

Use multiple narrow AI agents simultaneously. Agents in turn vote on the best response for the input. User feedback helps to train our voting algorithm.

Automate GIT push, pull, cherry, reset and branching between master, development, staging and production

Take the complexity away of pulling, merging, pushing, reset and cherry picking. Simply making changes through GenPen.AI will not just generate code and keep documentation up to date. It will automatically keep track of your project version history through GIT. Ask about integrations possibilities.

Use Open API for code generation, seamless GIT integration for code version history, tracking and development; promote to staging and production branches.

Use the synergy created by using tools such as Open API and OpenAI together. We are working to add more code generation tools. Additional components into our ensemble methods. Enable more robust LLM/LMM voting models as technologies evolve.

A simple sandbox account will allow you to test the platform capabilities without any cost

We currently have a single UI/UX framework installed. Our goal over the next several months is to expand the number and quality of UI/UX themes into GenPen.AI. Branding and re-branding should become a one click process.

Now Beta Testing

We want the best experience for our users


  • No Support
  • 100% Free
  • Random Availability to IDE
  • Limited GIT Storage
  • Throttled Transformations
  • 1 Database
  • Limited Storage without SLA
  • No Public Access Endpoint
  • Staging Migration Plan
  • Priority Staging Access


  • Full Support
  • 2GB GIT Storage
  • Transformations without Throttling
  • 2 Databases
  • Basic Storage SLA
  • 3 Seat Limit
  • 1 Development Endpoint
  • 1 Staging Endpoint
  • Production Migration Plan
  • Priority Production Access
  • Dedicated IDE


  • Full Support
  • Extended GIT Storage
  • Priority Transformations without Throttling
  • Comprehensive Storage SLA
  • Multiple Database
  • No Seat Limit
  • 1 Development Endpoint
  • 1 QA Endpoint
  • 1 Staging Endpoint
  • 2 Production Endpoint
  • 1 Load Balancer
  • 1 Traffic Proxy
  • Dedicated IDE
  • Account Manager